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Posted on: August 31, 2010 1:51 am
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Class of 2010-11 Looking Good

For those of who are still with us the Aztec basketball team for 2010-11 is looking rather promising. With a preseason Top-25 position and predictions of going as far as the the sweet sixteen, the Aztecs are poised to give the Fan a season to remember. Looking forward to the season. 

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Posted on: October 2, 2008 12:58 am

Wow! How-bout that 2009 Class!

Greetings Aztec Cronies,

I’m not sure if it's serendipity or Fisher’s recruiting gravitas; whatever it may be the class of 2009 is amalgamating into a formidable force. Eric Lawton (ESPN Scouting Score: 87); Chase Tapley (85) and Alec Williams (80) are leading the way in forming a team that has SDSU fans (that’s fan by the way, and that fan is me) thinking top 25 before the season starts; that’s right a team that enters the basketball season as a top 25 prospect. Oh, how silly of me to overlook another player heading into Aztec-ville: Brian Carlwell the 6-11, 265 lb center who is transferring from Illinois. A true center that SDSU Basketball hasn’t seen, well, ever under the Fisher monarch!  Fisher has recruited speed; perimeter shooting and size in the paint. Hyperbole aside, this team chemistry looks good. Let’s hope that it finally culminates into an NCAA tournament win, or a series of wins that has us looking at a Sweet 16 appearance.

What say you?

Posted on: June 27, 2008 12:28 am

Alec Williams Commits for 2009

From ESPN: "a 6-6, Class of 2009 power forward out of J Serra (San Juan Capistrano, Calif.), cast his lot with San Diego State this week. Williams was one of the top sleepers on the West Coast and put together an outstanding spring campaign. He improved dramatically since his sophomore season and as a result is now considered a solid mid-major prospect."

Any other info about this prospect is encouraged.

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Posted on: March 16, 2008 12:15 am

UNlV and BYU are overrated!

I knew you morons would respond with your trash hyperbole; your infantile insight into the game of basketball has always been in question. Your superfluous post-game observations, that conveniently dismissed the critical facts; observations; team losses and circumstances which adversely affected SDSU ability to play at their highest level, repeatedly made you and others sound like assess. Ostensibly, the seasons outcome would have been (not may) vastly different had the Aztecs remained at full strength like UNLV and BYU did through out the entire season. In fact, just a single loss from UNLV's frail line-up, (say wink-the-fink) would have devastated that team.

Apparently, Mervpipe either cannot comprehend the English language, or s/he has attention defecit disorder, which explains mervvvvpipe's nonsensical rebuttal's. My posts were explicit and clearly articulated the facts and circumstances surrounding SDSU's wins and losses; as well as, why they are the better team. I have proved over-and-over again that SDSU was (for the majority of the year), at a disadvantage; and, I also explained in-depth as to why this was the case. Yet, mervpipe (and the other megalomaniac dip-headed fans) attempted, in futility, to convince myself and others, by way of unsubstantiated rhetoric that somehow SDSU couldn't possibly be a better team even if they hadn't encountered the unorthodox team adversity this year.

You aptly trivialized every comment that I or others offered regarding the circumstantial wins that BYU or UNLV had. Sure, a win is a win but that doesn't necessarily ALWAYS mean that team is better. Recall your history, The Russian Hockey team losing to The US in the 1980 Olympics; the patriots losing to the Giants; Miami losing to Penn State in the 1986 championship game, and I could go on-and-on citing examples of superior teams that lost to mediocre (or over-rated) teams. SDSU lost to BYU, not because BYU is better, but for various reasons that I care not reiterate for the Nth time! This response alone underscores the fact that the entire platform that I have defended has either been mis-understood or over-shadowed by piece-meal dogma from mervvvvvvvpipe and others.

Again, UNLV and BYU will be exposed; I could explain why but I do not want to lose anyones attention! Suffices to say, both are mediocre teams that (because they were lucky and maintained full-strength through out the year) were able to squeak out lucky wins (e.g., TCU vs UNLV, a last second shot by wink-the-fink to beat out a horrible team); and, a sub-par win over a weak UTAH team. Oh, how silly of me to forget, you wouldn't consider that luck--it was all ALL skill; in fact UNLV planned that TCU outcome--right mervvvvvvvpipe. UNLV is a joke, and its unfortunate that Aztec fans will have to wait until next year to witness the systematic thrashing of your beloved and lucky Pebbles-I mean Fecals--I mean Rebels.

See, mervvvvvpipe, two can play the game of lambasting the other by using that degenerate language that you frequently embrace. I too, from time-to-time, can lower myself to your pathetic level of commentary and communicate with Neanderthals like you : what-a-joke! I think I'll take this oppurtunity to use mervvvvvpipe's adolescent initialism LOL. So, here goes: LOL mervvvvpipe, LOL mervvvvpipe! Of course, does s/he mean laughing out loud or lot's of love: If its the second one, lets hope (for the love of god) it's a she (LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL).
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Posted on: March 12, 2008 12:03 am

Defending the Princeton Offense.

Game analysis:

Losing to Air Force was troublesome; efforts to dilute the efficacy of the Princeton offense by SDSU once again turned into an exercise in futility. Why does SDSU have problems with Air Force. The Princeton offense uses an unstructured style of play that has a tendency to keep SDSU off their man-to-man game. Fisher's defenses tend to be quick and relish a one-to-one match up; this, in part, is why we see SDSU force so many turnovers. However, the Princeton offense capitalizes on constant motion and passing in an effort to fatigue defenses. In turn, if your opponent lacks depth on the bench, the starters are forced to play longer and harder. Invariably, this style of play works well against teams like SDSU who have a weak bench. Since the departure of Kyle Spain, Fisher's main weapon of aggressive play through constant rotation has been compromised. This unfortunately doesn't bode well for a team that seems to lack the intensity needed for 40 minutes when defending against an offensive stratagem like the Princeton Offense.

Keys to a win: SDSU must apply pressure for 40 minutes; fatigue is not an option. They must aggressively pursue the offense via their vintage press play that lends itself to turnovers and disruption. Also, all the players must contribute. Billy White needs at least 8 or more points, and Amoroso must be tough in the paint to mitigate second chance points. Moreover, Lo-Wade and DJ Gay must have a good perimeter shooting games.

Prediction: SDSU by 6.

What say you?

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Posted on: February 26, 2008 1:05 am

SDSU: Will they beat themselves?

Winning a double against the two top teams would be nice to reach the 20 win mark for sure. But its not the 20 game winning season; or, whether or not we can beat the top teams. It's the UNM's and Colorado's that I'm worried about. These teams are the spoilers; and give it to SDSU on this one, they always find away to lose against teams like this, especially in the tourny. But its another aspect to SDSU play that keeps me cautiously optimistic. If there is any team out their that can beat themselves, well--look no further than SDSU.

What say you?
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Posted on: February 23, 2008 1:31 am
Edited on: February 23, 2008 3:21 pm

And down the stretch they come...

4 games and counting...and its over (well maybe not)

BYU and UNLV will be momentum setting games. Given their records, BYU will more than likely be the champions of the conference. Therefore, what can SDSU gain from these contests; well, momentum for starters. SDSU knows it needs to win the MWC tournament; there are no other options. Victories over their two nemesis will only help their pysche, as well as provide the needed confidence going into the tournament.

The BYU game will be tough to win, but not impossible. Billy White and DJ Gay must have great games! Ammo and Lo-Wade's performance go with out saying; their play must excel. But, DJ Gay and Billy White, when they play well, provide SDSU with that necessary perimeter and added inside game that has been absent since the loss of Spain. Look for DJ to play a lot of minutes. It seems that he has taken over the starting guard duties. Richie's presence has diminished somewhat; it appears that his playing time has been reduced to a supporting role for Fisher's fast and aggressive team. It could be his wrist; or, it could be that DJ Gay's play is maturating quicker than even Fisher could imagine. That's certainly a plus for SDSU depth.

Two wins that are a must! If not for an NCAA opportunity, then simply to avoid humility. Because waiting until next year is a long time; and, well, I'm tired of continually using the, played-out vernacular "well there's always next year".

What say you?

Stats update: SDSU RPI: 76, SOS: 94
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